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Welcome to the Accident Reconstruction Communications Network. The ARC Network is the leading online portal for all areas of the accident reconstruction and traffic accident investigation industry. The ARC Network provides the industry's most robust directory service allowing you to find an expert witness, professional organization, training organization, accident reconstruction products or law enforcement agencies working in traffic investigation/reconstruction. For those who join the ARC Network, you will be listed in our directory service and also have access to accident reconstruction databases and other information in our secure members only section of the web site. Our goal is to provide you with the most useful and fresh online databases and tools to assist with your daily case requirements.

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ARC-CSI Crash Conference

Join us in Nevada for the 15th Anniversary Crash Conference. The largest annual crash exposition in the world!
ARC-CSI Crash Conference

May 23-26, 2016

CDR User's Summit

Join us in Texas for the Crash Data
Retrieval User's Summit. Designed to further the knowledge of those using the Bosch CDR Tool to better understand and analyze crashes, The CDR User's Summit is the true "not to be missed" annual event.
CDR User's Summit
January 25-27, 2016

Collision Magazine

Collision Magazine, the International Compendium for Crash Research is the top-rated print publication for accident reconstruction, traffic investigation, and crash research.
Collision Magazine

Bosch CDR Tool - Crash Data Retrieval

The CDR Tool is a commercially
available tool, allowing you to image crash data directly from all supported vehicles giving you a detailed report
of critical data parameters leading
up to and during a crash.
Crash Data Group


Welcome to the newly redesigned ARC Network! We are now officially in the 16th year of running the ARC Network web site and wanted to give the site a fresh new look and also completely redesign and upgrade the Expert Directory as well as the Products Directory, Education Directory, Police Directory and Associations Directory. All of these "directories" are now in one customized, searchable directory simply called the "Accident Reconstruction Directory".

Since inception we have grown to be the largest online portal web site for the accident reconstruction industry and also host the largest and most visited Expert Witness directory. With these new additions and upgrades we hope to continue to provide the accident reconstruction industry with the world-class web site our user's have come to expect.

The ARC Network is pleased to be your resource for everything Accident Reconstruction. Below you will find what's new in the Accident Reconstruction Industry. Want to find it fast? Use the AR Search Engine

Collision MagazineThe ARC Network Expert Directory Update

The ARC Network, now in it's 17th year, has stood the test of time and is bigger an better than ever! Last year we redesigned the ARC Network Expert Directory, giving members a much better and easier way to get noticed on the Internet. The result has been huge. Just this year our members have received 268 leads to new case work that were submitted directly through the ARC Network web site! That is a rate of almost one lead per day. Below are some examples of the leads generated by the ARC Network:

I am interested in retaining your services in two cases that require accident reconstruction and biomechanics. Please call me.

I have a criminal case arising from an auto collision that involves EDR data. I would like to obtain a consult regarding several issues including how the data may support a mental health defense.

I have a new case and represent defendants. Looking for single expert that does both biomechanical and accident reconst. I understand you handle both. Can you please send me your latest CV and Fee Schedule.

Need ASAP an Expert opinion on a Case up for Facilitation Tomorrow, SPECIFICALLY A REBUTTAL OF THE DEFENDANT'S EXPERT WITNESS'S WRITTEN OPINION. Thank you for your immediate response.

Accident animation of 2 vehicle crash for use in mediation and/or trial

We are looking for an expert to reconstruct a motorcycle accident for a client being charged with a felony DUI. If you are able to assist with this matter, please call our office.

we need to do on an ongoing basic accident reconstruction for road accidents.....based on available photographs of damaged vehicle, spot and narration of victim confirming the impact analysis etc. pls help and guide how can we do this with your the volumes are going to be high.

The ARC Network Expert Directory listing is included with your annual members and with annual dues starting at just $89.00 per year there is no reason not to list your services with the largest organization for the accident reconstruction industry.

For more information and to join the ARC Network, click here.

Collision Magazine2016 CDR User's Summit
January 25-27, 2016
Houston, Texas - North Hilton Hotel

Register by December 11, 2015 and save $200!

Join us and your fellow CDR User's for the 11th Annual CDR User's Summit in Houston, Texas, January 25-27, 2016.The CDR Summit will bring together industry experts from around the world to discuss and educate on relevant topics relating to Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) and Event Data Recorders (EDR).

Hardly a day goes by that we’re not bombarded in the media with concerns – real or perceived - about data privacy, data integrity and information security in general.  The CDR User’s Summit has always been the venue for the latest trends and information related to the use and proper application of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool and associated functions and 2016 will be no different.

In addition to the latest from Bosch and others specific to the current state and future of the CDR Tool, the primary topics for the 2016 CDR User’s Summit will be related to information security, data privacy and data integrity.  Presentations being developed will focus on topics ranging from what systems, components or other electronics in a vehicle may have recoverable, useful data to the proper technique and practice for EEPROM removal/transplantation and data recovery to in-vehicle communication capabilities, function and architecture and more.   Topical and timely CDR Tool applications topics won’t be left out with sessions planned for case studies and clarification of concepts and Data Limitations as well as a primer on sources of related information or documentation.

In 2016, as it is every year, the CDR User’s Summit is the only international conference truly focused on the application of the CDR Tool and closely associated functions and will, again, be the CDR Summit not to be missed.

Save an additional $50!
Subscribers to Collision Magazine and members of the ARC Network receive an addtional $50.00 off registration. These discounts cannot be combined.

For more information about the CDR User's Summit, please visit


Collision MagazineCollision Magazine Volume 10 Issue 2
Now in production!

Now well into our 10th year of bringing you the number one publication for accident reconstruction and crash research, we would like to offer you the opportunity to renew your subscription or begin a new subscription to Collision Magazine.

Volume 10 issue 2 of Collision Magazine will be at the presses soon and to your mailboxes before you know it.  As usual, the complete data set from the ARC-CSI Crash Conference will be on the included on an 8GB Flash Drive provided with the magazine. On that thumb drive you will find supporting data from 7 full-scale, fully insturmented crash tests and the speaker presentations in PDF format. This disk alone is worth the full subscription rate of Collision Magazine.

For just $139.00 per year, we will deliver Collision Magazine directly to your mailbox. In addition to each issue you will also receive the recent CDR Summit DVD and the ARC-CSI Crash Conference flash drive! SUBSCRIBE or RENEW your subscription today and you won't miss another cutting-edge issue of Collision.

Subscribe to Collision Magazine

For more information about Collision Magazine, please visit


Collision Magazine on Facebook Visit the Collision Facebook page for up-to-date information, current specials and information on upcoming issues!
Facebook - visit this link and click "Like It"

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ARC-CSI Crash Conference
2016 ARC-CSI Crash Conference
May 23-26, 2016 - Clark County, Nevada

Register today!

Registration is now open for the ACTAR accredited 2016 ARC-CSI Crash Conference. This year will be our 15th annual conference and we have worked hard to bring you the best conference experience in the industry.

All of the live crash testing will be conducted by a gathering of professional crash crews from all over the US bringing their expertise together to make up the ARC-CSI Crash Crew. The Crash Crew is headed by "Collision Safety Institute" and staffed from "Biomechanical Research and Testing", "Biomechanics Analysis", "RSR Engineering", "Billy Cox Group" and "". Together, the ARC-CSI Crash Team have set the standard in conducting conference crash tests, data collection and data distribution. As always, all crash tests will be fully instrumented and documented and the data, video and photos will be available at the end of the conference for those who attend. 

Following crash day we are back at the Palace Station Hotel for three days of technical presentations from leading subject matter experts. The ARC-CSI Crash Conference prides itself on bringing a variety of exceptional speakers and presentation topics to expand your knowledge of collision reconstruction and investigation. On the final day of the conference the ARC-CSI Crash Team presents each crash scenario conducted on day one with examples of how to use the data for future review and comparison.

Register Early and Save $200.00
Why wait? Register before April 8, 2016 and the registration is a full $200 less than if you wait until after April 17th. Don't miss the crash event of the year, register today. Save an extra $50.00 if you are a Collision Magazine subscriber or an ARC Network member - click here

For more information about the ARC-CSI Crash Conference, please visit

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FARO® announces major release the world’s most popular law enforcement diagramming software - CAD Zone Suite 10; enhancing the user experience with hundreds of new features and animations for Law Enforcement and Public Safety officials.

Lake Mary, FL.-FARO® Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:FARO) announces the new FARO CAD Zone Release 10 software suite which offers updated versions of Crime Zone, Crash Zone, Fire Zone, and Insurance Zone. The Release 10 versions are available for immediate delivery to customers. CAD Zone software is noted for its ease of use and powerful drawing, analysis, and animation tools. These software offerings enable the creation of courtroom-ready 2D and 3D drawings and animations from scanner data, point cloud data, total station data, and manual measurements.

Click here for complete press release 

Accident Reconstruction Linked In Group

LinkedIn for Accident ReconstructionThe Accident Reconstruction Linked In Group is fast approaching 900 members! this is a great way to network with your peers. Membership is free, you just need a Linked In account.

Currently over 1000 members and growing!


>> Go to the Linked In Group

Car Airbags - Explained

CDR and Evaluating Fraudulent Claims
posted October 2013

A new video from Crash Data Group that explains all about Crash Data Retrieval, EDR data, Airbag Control Modules (ACM) and how they all work when evaluating fraudulent claims. If you would like a copy of this video for training, please email your request to: Click to email

Social Media for Accident Reconstruction

Get connected with Linked In, Facebook, You Tube and more for accident reconstruction professionals.


Collision Connection E-List (Free)

Collision Connection E NewsletterSign up today for you free subscription to Collision Connection, a free digital subscription list giving you a convenient summary of industry news and information in the crash research and traffic safety industry delivered to your inbox.

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Advertising on the ARC Network

The ARC Network offers advertising solutions to anyone interested in promoting their product or service to the industry of Accident Reconstruction and traffic accident investigation. If you want to target this industry, there is no better place to advertise. Feedback from our advertisers indicate the ARC Network provides the best return on investment and excellent qualified sales leads.

The ARC Network understands all advertising needs are different. We have highly effective advertising methods for your company to gain the most benefit from the ARC Network and to fit your advertising budget. For all the promotion and service we provide compared to prices of other web companies, print advertising and distribution lists you quickly realize the value of the ARC Network.

Advertising Options

  • Accident Reconstruction Directory
  • Banner Advertising
  • Sponsor Ads
  • Custom Email Blasts
  • Accident Reconstruction Search Engine

To learn more about advertising on the ARC Network, please visit the Advertising Section.

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