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Welcome to the Accident Reconstruction Communications Network. The ARC Network is the leading online portal for all areas of the accident reconstruction and traffic accident investigation industry. The ARC Network provides the industry's most robust directory service allowing you to find an expert witness, professional organization, training organization, accident reconstruction products or law enforcement agencies working in traffic investigation/reconstruction. For those who join the ARC Network, you will be listed in our directory service and also have access to accident reconstruction databases and other information in our secure members only section of the web site. Our goal is to provide you with the most useful and fresh online databases and tools to assist with your daily case requirements.

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Leica and MicroSurvey Software

ARC-CSI Crash Conference

Join us in Nevada for the annual ARC-CSI Crash Conference. The largest annual crash exposition in the world!
ARC-CSI Crash Conference

September 18-21, 2017

EDR User's Summit

Join us in Houston, Texas for the EDR Summit. The EDR Summit will deliver the next step in advanced Event Data Recorder (EDRs) technology for vehicle crash analysis.
EDR Summit

Collision Magazine

Collision Magazine, the International Compendium for Crash Research is the top-rated print publication for accident reconstruction, traffic investigation, and crash research.
Collision Magazine

Bosch CDR Tool - Crash Data Retrieval

The Bosch CDR Tool
The essential tool for retrieving EDR data from a vehicle involved in a crash
Crash Data Group


In 2017, the ARC Network refered over 700 cases!
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Welcome to the ARC Network, now officially in our 19th year! Since inception we have grown to be the largest online portal web site for the accident reconstruction industry and also host the largest and most visited Expert Witness directory. With these new additions and upgrades we hope to continue to provide the accident reconstruction industry with the world-class web site our user's have come to expect.

The ARC Network is pleased to be your resource for everything Accident Reconstruction. Below you will find what's new in the Accident Reconstruction Industry.


EDR Summit2018 Event Data Retrieval (EDR) Summit
March 5-7, 2018
Hilton North Hotel, Houston, Texas

Crash Data Group is proud to bring you the annual EDR Summit. This Summit will focus on Event Data Recorder research, collection and analysis for vehicle crash investigation. Most noteworthy is this is the only conference in the United States dedicated to users of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool as well as other EDR tools and technology. With the addition of many active safety systems now in vehicles and autonomous driving on the horizon, we have expanded the topics to include additional tools used in the collection of EDR data.

The EDR Summit will deliver the next step in advanced EDR technology for vehicle crash analysis. Most importantly, this summit brings together industry experts from around the world to present on timely topics and case studies. The presentations will focus on EDR data found in light trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles, active safety systems, autonomous driving, and vehicle infotainment systems.

Register for the EDR Summit

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Collision MagazineCollision Magazine: New Prices, New Website

On December 31, 2017, Collision Publishing Inc merged with Crash Data Group Inc. Crash Data Group will now be publishing and distributing Collision Magazine. Not to worry, all of the same people that brough you Collision Magazine for the past 12 years will continue to work on producing the number one publication for accident reconstruction and crash research.

With this merger, we are now offering Collision Magazine for just $99.00 per year! We are also offering all of the back issues for sale. Although some of the hard copies have sold out, we have converted those to a new digital format and is now offered in the back issue section as well! Start or renew your subscription today and you won't miss another cutting-edge issue of Collision.

Subscribe to Collision Magazine

For more information about Collision Magazine, please visit

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ARC Network Expert Directory

The ARC Network, now in it's 19th year, has stood the test of time and is bigger an better than ever! The results of being listed in the ARC Network in undeniable. Last year our members received over 700 leads to new case work that were submitted directly through the ARC Network web site! That is a rate of almost two leads per day. Below are some examples of the leads generated by the ARC Network:

I am interested in retaining your services in two cases that require accident reconstruction and biomechanics. Please call me.

I have a criminal case arising from an auto collision that involves EDR data. I would like to obtain a consult regarding several issues including how the data may support a mental health defense.

I have a new case and represent defendants. Looking for single expert that does both biomechanical and accident reconst. I understand you handle both. Can you please send me your latest CV and Fee Schedule.

Need ASAP an Expert opinion on a Case up for Facilitation Tomorrow, SPECIFICALLY A REBUTTAL OF THE DEFENDANT'S EXPERT WITNESS'S WRITTEN OPINION. Thank you for your immediate response.

Accident animation of 2 vehicle crash for use in mediation and/or trial

We are looking for an expert to reconstruct a motorcycle accident for a client being charged with a felony DUI. If you are able to assist with this matter, please call our office.

we need to do on an ongoing basic accident reconstruction for road accidents.....based on available photographs of damaged vehicle, spot and narration of victim confirming the impact analysis etc. pls help and guide how can we do this with your the volumes are going to be high.

The ARC Network Expert Directory listing is included with your annual members and with annual dues starting at just $89.00 per year there is no reason not to list your services with the largest organization for the accident reconstruction industry.

For more information and to join the ARC Network, click here.

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